Jeep Commander Driveshafts

Let us rebuild your existing Jeep Commander driveshaft core and you save money, at least 20%!  

Wre offer Driveshafts, Rear Ends, Overdrive Units, Manual Transmissions and Transfer Cases, Full Service Shop.

Vibrating driveshafts will cause extensive damage to your transfer case, transmission or differential, knocking out seals, causing leaking fluid. For your Commander we offer a complete selection of replacement Driveshafts as well as Service in our Reno/Sparks Facility.

We are experts in driveshafts, we are specialists in the following driveshaft area’s:

  • Design
  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Complete Assemblies
  • Shortening / Lengthening designs, fabricate and restores shafts for consumers around the world. We have created unique tooling that we use to assemble and balance your driveshaft. These abilities and skilled personnel lead to exceptional unmatched shafts that supply’s better than OE specifications. Under acceleration and highway speeds the jeep vibrates and shakes. You can feel it in the floorboards, seat of your pants, pedals, steering wheel and in the bed of the jeep.

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See detailed Commander application guide. 

We have developed and produced specific tooling that our staff uses to assemble and balance your driveshaft, these tools and skilled personnel lead to outstanding unparalleled performance shafts that supplies better than OE specifications.

Driveshaft Vibrations Difficulties Jeep

This problem is usually caused by over used u-joints or dings and dents in Driveshaft tubing. We can supply support and suggestions for your  u joint maintenance for your JeepPickup.

Running raised truck, larger wheels and tires, are you changing the transmission or transfer case model. If you have a two-piece driveshaft it's important to balance the complete assembly at the same time, just contact us (800-216-1632) we will help you get rid of vibration problems. Below you will find  free information on how to keep up with or troubleshooting Driveshafts  with angle phasing concerns.

See our free information below on how to keep up with troubleshooting Driveshafts with angle phasing concerns.

  • Lifting your vehicle?
  • Lowering your vehicle?
  • Want to replace an aluminum driveshaft?
  • Want to replace a carbon fiber drive shaft?
  • Or just need a replacement?

30 Years Experience, we can Help!

  • Save money send us you core and we will rebuild your shaft and high speed balance.  Save 20% or more.

     Troubleshooting Driveshaft Problems:

Review our You tube video, see how Driveshafts are manufactured

Driveshaft Failure Symptoms in Jeep Commander

New or strange noises from under the vehicle are a symptom of a problem with the driveshaft. These noises can be emulating from the following:

  • Transmission or transfer case rear bushing and/or worn out seal. Could also be the center support bearing failure.
  • Driveshaft U-joints excessive wear or failing will interfere with the driveshaft’s ability to rotate properly. This will cause; rattling, clunking, scraping, or even squeaking sounds.
  • U-joint parts could be operating dry of lubrication might also produce a squeaking noise at low speeds. When you service your Jeep truck as attendant to lubricate the u-joints if possible. Clicking or knocking sounds specifically can indicate a faulty CV joint. Any noises such as these are a good indicator that your vehicle is ready for maintenance.
  • Problems with turning the vehicle is another likely sign of impending driveshaft failure. A broken driveshaft can prevent wheels from turning properly, giving you trouble when trying to make turns. This issue limits your overall control of your jeep.  You need any issues that prevent you from driving the Jeep correctly addressed right away for safe driving and continued use of the pickup.

Driveshaft Shuddering Jeep Commander 

Experiencing a significant shudder when accelerating from low speed or a stopped position, it can be another sign of failing driveshaft component. A U-joint or bad center bearing within the driveshaft may cause the faltering acceleration. You may also hear sounds while the Jeep is shuddering from the worn-out U-joint.

Driveshaft failure at freeway speeds is traumatic, don’t let it happen to you or your wife.

Jeep Commanders are 4 x 4 off road vehicles these  tend to be harder on the driveshafts. We offer both front and rear shafts plus customized (for your application) if required. New OEM shafts as well as remanufactured Driveshafts are available.  Let us repair your existing driveshaft assembly and you save money at least 20%  When you are modifying your vehicle the driveshaft often needs modifying too. Modifying  your  Commander by lifting or lowering the suspension, running large wheels and tires, swapping transmissions, transfer case or axles, in rock crawlers, customs, all of these modifications usually require drive shaft modification to be done correctly.

We can fabricate 26  different versions of this driveshaft configuration for your Jeep Commander. Plus, we offer a full collection of new Spicer Dana and NEAPCO end yokes, u-joint elements, and flanges, we also shorten and lengthened and balancing your shaft, get the correct shaft the first time.

Heavy Duty industrial and off road shafts are one of our main product lines, such as over the road 18 wheel,, farming and building, construction and mining shafts. We also have a big supply of (PTO) shafts. Carden CV joint shafts manufactured for vehicles with problems are available, along with shafts created to your unique design requirements.

The fundamental function of your driveshaft is always to send energy from a single point out to a different within a modern and constant action.  The drivetrain was invented to distribute torque through aspects from your transmission to the axle (or auxiliary transmission). The driveshaft must work through constantly modifying common viewpoints in the middle the transmission and axle. It has to even be competent at changing length while sending torque (by way of the slide yoke). The differential rides suspended by springs within an irregular, hovering activity. This suggests the driveshaft must have the capacity to broaden and change running viewpoints, when coping with protrusions or depressions. This can be accomplished through common u-joints, which allow the Driveshaft to be used at divergent angles, in addition to the slip yokes, which allow contraction or lengthening to occur.

As soon as your shaft is not balanced with its slip yoke and U-joint elements, you will have  set up the possibility of vibrations. Our Driveshaft Facility functions with  time tested and proven driveshaft manufacturing, tooling and balancing machines.

Driveshaft Accurate High Speed Balancing is definitely the secret to removing of all vibrations with  improving performance!

A driveshaft is not likely to job vibrations-free unless it is actually and proper balance as well as in harmony ( for two or three shaft assemblies). Our shafts are, following assembly and before welding are pre-straighten inside a unique end press and straighten hydraulic tool, it really is straightened to better than factory requirements. We then dynamically high-speed harmony balance the entire shaft set up at the pace representative of the speed the shaft will come across in their regular application.

We also focus on high end service, should you be delivering us your aged driveshaft to be rebuilt your Driveshaft will leave our go shopping within 36 hours after being received. Don't see the part you need just contact us toll free (800-216-1632), totally free technical support.

Drivetrain’s single piece Driveshafts are shipped assembled and ready to put in directly from the box. Our shafts are manufacturer well-balanced for guaranteed smooth running as well as have a long service life. Simply eliminate the outdated driveshaft and set up the brand new one in its place.  The correct shaft the first time.

We also offer highest quality Driveshaft and Driveshaft Parts to support your repairs.

We can also provide both new and good take out Driveshaft parts individually, our GTO program is designed to save you money!   Large stock of Dana Spicer and NEAPCO  inventory includes:

  • Yoke Shafts
  • Weld Yokes
  • End Yokes
  • Stub shaft ends
  • Slip Yokes
  • U-joints
  • Tubing

The basic function of your driveshaft is to transmit power from one point to another in a smooth and continuous action. In automobiles, trucks and construction equipment, the drivetrain is designed to send torque through and angle from the transmission to the axle (or auxiliary transmission). 

The driveshaft must operate through constantly changing relative angles between the transmission and axle. It must also be capable of changing length while transmitting torque. The axle of the vehicle is not attached directly to the frame, but rides suspended by springs in an irregular, floating motion. This means the driveshaft must be able to contact, expand and change operating angles,when going over bumps or depressions. This is accomplished through universal joints,which permit the Driveshaft to operate at divergent angles, and slip joints, which permit contraction or expansion to take place.

We specialize in high speed balancing of the final assembled Driveshaft's If your shaft drivelinestraight_large.jpgis not balanced with the actual end yoke and U-joints, you have not fixed the potential vibration problems. Our shop features the latest in driveling manufacturing and balancing equipment.

High Speed Balancing is the secret to smooth vibration free performance!

A driveshaft will not run smooth and vibration-free unless it is straight and in balance. Our shafts are, after assembly and before welding,pre-straighten to the above specifications. We then dynamically high speed balance the entire shaft assembly at the speed representative of the speed the shaft will encounter in its normal operation, typically 70 MPH.

We also specialize in high speed service, all rebuiltdrivlines leave our shop within 36 hours after being received. 

To guarantee exact replacement driveshaft by application we will need to know the following:

  • Make, model and year of vehicle
  • Manual or Automatic transmission, with or without separate overdrive
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission
  • Make and model of transfer case
  • Engine size and type (diesel or gasoline - 4, 6, or 8 cylinder)
  • Wheel base of vehicle
  • Measurement  from center of front ujoint cap to back center of ujoint cap
  • Location of Driveshaft (front or rear) 

See Jeep applications guide below, simply click part number to get more information or place an order online.

Don't see what you need just give our Driveshaft Technical expert a call toll free 800-216-1632, free technical support.

Part Number Description
3194-2719 Comanche AWD/4WD Front Automatic 4.0L
3194-2721 Comanche AWD/4WD Front Manual 4.0L
3194-2787 Comanche AWD/4WD Front Automatic 2.5L
3194-3500 Comanche AWD/4WD Front Manual 2.5L
3194-2537 Comanche AWD/4WD Rear
3194-1525 Commander AWD/4WD Front Automatic 140 Quadra-Trac (DHZ) 3.7L
3194-1525 Commander AWD/4WD Front Automatic 140 Quadra-Trac (DHZ) 3.7L
3194-1875 Commander AWD/4WD Front Automatic 4.7L
3194-1875 Commander AWD/4WD Front Automatic 5.7L
3194-1875 Commander AWD/4WD Front Automatic 245 Quadra-Trac (DHX) 3.7L
3194-3431 Commander AWD/4WD Front 2007 2010 Any Conversion style shaft, 0-6" lift, with replacement Spicer style CV transfer case yoke 2 Door
3194-3431 Commander AWD/4WD Front 2007 2010 Any Conversion style shaft, 0-6" lift, with replacement Spicer style CV transfer case yoke 2 Door
3194-3431 Commander AWD/4WD Front 2007 2010 Any 6.1L
3194-3432 Commander AWD/4WD Front 2007 2010 Any 6.1L
3191-3962 Commander AWD/4WD Rear Automatic 4.7L
3191-3962 Commander AWD/4WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 245 Quadra-Trac (DHX) 3.7L
3191-3962 Commander AWD/4WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 5.7L
3191-4750 Commander AWD/4WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 140 Quadra-Trac (DHZ) 3.7L
3191-4050 Commander RWD/2WD Rear 545RFE Automatic Dana 44/10 bolt cover
3191-4512 Commander RWD/2WD Rear Automatic Chrysler 8.25"/10 bolt cover (DRA) 4.7L
3191-4512 Commander RWD/2WD Rear Automatic Chrysler 8.25"/10 bolt cover (DRA) 5.7L
3191-5875 Commander RWD/2WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 3.7L
3191-3962 Commander AWD/4WD Rear Automatic 4.7L
3191-3962 Commander AWD/4WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 5.7L
3191-4750 Commander AWD/4WD Rear 2005 2010 Automatic 140 Quadra-Trac (DHZ) 3.7L

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